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VORD Web Design doesn't really do web design for other people any more.

What remains here is a site from 10 years ago offering advice in the early days of the internet.

Much of the advice on SEO, accessibility and usability is still reasonably useful.

Web Accessibility

An Overview of web accessibility for all users including blind, partially sighted, and disabled people.

Test Your Web Site for Accessibility
We will show step by step how you can carry out a basic accessibility assessment, and will provide links to tools on the internet that you can use.

Accessibility Standards
A summary of the main recommendations contained in the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Accessibility Guidelines.

Disability Discrimination Act
A summary of part III of the UK Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) as it applies to web sites.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine overview
An overview of search engines and how they rank pages.

Link popularity
The importance of links and how they increase ranking.

Web page optimisation
What to do to your pages for higher ranking.

More ranking factors
A list of the major on-page factors used by search engines.

Accessibility for robots
Making sure search engine robots can crawl your web site.

What not to do
Search engine penalties and how to avoid them.

Search Engine Glossary
Acronyms used in relation to search engines.

Cascading Style Sheets

An overview of our CSS pages and how to use them

Advantages of CSS
Why CSS is wonderful, and also some pitfalls.

CSS Layout
Developing a CSS based page layout

Styling text with CSS
Altering the appearance of html elements using CSS

Web Design & Usability

How a visitor interacts with your web site.

Ideas on page layout and design.

Tips on achieving neat and intuitive navigation.

Making your web pages user friendly.

Web images
A comparison between gif and jpeg formats.

Other Articles

Web Standards Overview
References to web standards information and validation tools on the net.


Lynx Text Browser
A very simple text only browser that is useful for checking website accessibility.


Broken lathe - MIG welding guide

DIY MIG Welding - Advice and forum for MIG welders.

Renault 4 website and forum

Renault 4 - The UK Renault 4 community

Renault 4 website and forum Salutation - Historic pub restoration

VORD.net - BIG tanks and MGs
VORD.net - covering cars, aircraft and travel.

Slow Car Club drag racing

The Slow Car Club. Annual drag racing event for slow cars.

Aston Martin Restoration

Aston Martin Restoration - V8 restorations

A post from a friend that will hopefully help others: Persistent SSRI Withdrawal Syndrome

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