Web Page optimization for search engines

To understand what you can do to your pages to increase search engine rankings, it is helpful to understand how search engines such as Google generate their results.

We searched Google for "connelly leather interior" and compared the Google listings for the top ranked page with the page itself. We've highlighted the different elements of the search results to show where they came from:

Many thanks to vord.net for the use of this page.

Where does the information come from?


MGB V8 conversion - Coachbuilt interior trim with Connelly leather......

The title in Google's results is the title of the page. Note that Google will only read the first 55 or so characters, and ignores the rest of the over-long title in this example page.

The title is a concise human edited summary that tells Google what the page is about. It is very important that the title accurately represents the content of the page, and includes the main keywords for that page.


....the interior was trimmed by a Rolls Royce coachbuilder who runs a trimming buisiness in his spare time. Three Con nelly leather hides were used for the seats....

Google pulls their description from the first content on the page that includes the keywords.

It is no co-incidence that the keywords for this page all appear in the first paragraph. This prominence of the keywords indicates to Google that the page is relevant for these words.



Google has highlighted the search words in the address of the page (URL). The words in the address provide a further indication of the content of the page. The important thing is that the URL appears in your Google "advert" so needs to look honest (auto-generated spam websites tend to have their own special spammy URLs.)

More factors

Title and content are the most important factors in optimizing pages for search engines, however there are many more ways to tell the search engine what your page is about and increase your rankings. These are covered on the next page.

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